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Taking risks only works if you’re willing to fail, and Taupe share an understanding that there’s no wrong way to play.

A decade of friendship has conjured a spooky telekinesis that anchors the band, even when their improvisations teeter on the edge of total collapse. The three-piece are an explosive live band, veering from taut metronomic precision into intentionally turbulent, unchartered territory. A DIY ethos feeds their wonky compositions, colliding sour scatter-skronk with sludgy, doom-inspired riffs.

Anarchic, joyful debut album Fill Up Your Lungs and Bellow (2017) was best described by All About Jazz as “a chain of chemical reactions”, and their 2019 EP Get The Keys is a wild joyride through the night their car was almost stolen - with their instruments, Mike and Adam still inside it. Not Blue Light (released April 7th 2020) is their boldest record yet. Picking up the story from where the EP left off, it rattles from shit-your-pants fear to adrenaline, relief and total bafflement. It’s no surprise that their exhilarating sense of discovery has won them support from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Freak Zone and BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction and Freeness, as well as support slots with acts such as Deerhoof, Richard Dawson & Circle and Melt Banana.

Fizzing with ideas, Taupe are a non-jazz band that prizes surprise over any specific sound.

A radical expression of empathy, as stunning as its themes are crushing.” - The Wire

A disorienting act of resistance” - The Guardian Contemporary Album of the Month, May 2023

Sovereign Bodies / Ritual Taxonomy Press Kit


'Music to punch things to.'

- Daniel Spicer, The Wire

'Very much egoless […] it’s exhilarating, bursting with rebellious energy.'

- Bernard Clarke, RTÉ Lyric FM

'(Taupe) revel in formal deconstruction and textural mutation ... there's a sense of punky mischief here that recalls Naked City or Melt Banana.'

- Stewart Smith, The List

'Taupe are doing something very special for us, certainly hitting the nail on the head.'

- Independent Music Podcast

'“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion” says Poe, and that’s true of what Taupe do. These three musicians are in total harmony with each other, however dissonant.'

- Bido Lito

'A fierce trio balancing blast and groove with clear punctuation.'

- The New York City Jazz Record

'(Taupe) harness a telekinetic connection which allows them to flow between perfect sync and wild improvisation, just when you least expect it. Unreal.'

- Strange Behaviours

'Like a pigeon stuck in a post-box.'

- NARC. Magazine


Not Blue Light released April 7, 2020 - press pack here

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